Step 1   Reservation for consultation

Please make a reservation for our consultation by contacting us with the Contact form on this website, by telephone (044-920-9521), or by e-mail.

Step 2   1st meeting

We will have the 1st face-to-face meeting for a consultation with you at our office in Kawasaki on the arranged date and time. It will usually take one hour or less, but we may spend more time with you as required to get a full picture of your case. You should bring your passport and all relevant immigration documents (including residence card) to the meeting. The consultation costs 5,500 yen / 30 minutes but this fee is waived for those who sign up for Kasama Yumiko Office’s services.

Step 3   Estimate

Assessing your case and confirming what you would like to do, we will inform you how we can support you and then provide an estimate for our services. Cases that are able to be resolved with just at single consultation or those that are outside our business area will only be charged the consultation fee as mentioned in Step 2.

Step 4   Signing a contract

If you decide to ask for our services, please let us know as soon as possible. We will sign a contract, and then ask you to pay for the advance fee if the total fee is over 110,000 yen. In addition, we might ask you to submit to us any additional documents and information if necessary.

Step 5   Preparation of documents at our side

We will make the utmost effort to prepare necessary documents as soon as possible.

Step 6   Confirmation meeting

Before submitting documents to a relevant administrative office (such as Immigration Bureau, MOJ, MOFA etc.), we will have a confirmation meeting with you to make sure everything is in order.

Step 7   Submission of the documents

We will submit the documents to the respective administrative offices. In the case of naturalization or special permission to stay in Japan, you need to submit them yourself. However, we will accompany you.

Step 8   Investigation by the administrative office

We will wait for the processing by the respective administrative offices. We may deal with further inquiries or additional requests from the office during this period. The waiting period depends on each office and case.

Step 9   Final meeting after receiving the result

We will have a final meeting with you after receiving the result from the administrative office. We will let you know the result and also give advice on what to do next. For those cases over 110,000 yen final payment will be due then. If you could not receive the desired result in your case, we will discuss what steps to take next such as submitting a re-application etc. This consultation is free.
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