Graduated from the Department of International and Cultural Studies, Tsuda Collage in 1992
Worked for more than 10 years in social sectors like Plan Japan and Oxfam Japan (international humanitarian aid NGOs working in developing countries in Asia, Africa, Central & South America)
Registered as Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist in May 2013
Auditor of Ugoku/Ugokasu (Global Call to Action against Poverty Japan; GCAP Japan) since July 2013
Auditor of Japan Citizen’s Network for TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development) since March 2014
Volunteer Translator of Plan Japan
Volunteer of International Parents and Infants Cross Cultural Group “Koala” in Kawasaki
Supporter of KALAKASAN Migrant Women Empowerment Center
Working as a staff at Gyoseishoshi Shikenka of Itojuku
Working as a legal assistant at Shinmaruko Law Office
Yumiko Kasama is passionate about immigration and protection of human rights issues. Yumiko devoted more than 10 years working in social sectors like international humanitarian aid NGOs to protect the human rights of marginalized people in developing countries. After marrying lawyer Toru Kasama (in Shinmaruko Law Office) in 2005, she began studying to become a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist (Immigration lawyer) for the protection of the rights of foreigners living in Japan. In May 2013, she was registered as a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist (Immigration lawyer), and Gyoseishoshi Yumiko Kasama Office was established.

There are many hurdles individuals face while attempting to work or establish residency in Japan. This may be acquiring a working visa or establishing residency for yourself or your loved ones. We are here to help you navigate this process.

There are many immigration lawyers practicing in Japan. Our office distinguishes itself by our commitment to excellence and personal attention to each of our clients' needs. We welcome you to Gyoseishoshi Kasama Yumiko Office.
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