List of Standard Fees

Consultation (face-to-face meeting at our office) 5,400 yen/consultation (no time limitation)
Application for Certificate of Eligibility 162,000 yen
Application for Change of Status of Residence 162,000 yen
Application for Extension of Period of Stay 54,000 yen (without any changes)
86,400 yen (with any changes)
Application for Permission to Acquire Status of Residence 162,000 yen
Application for Permanent Residence 162,000 yen
(+32,400 yen / additional family member)
Application for Re-Entry Permit 21,600 yen
Application for Recognition of Refugee Status 216,000 yen
Application for Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted
Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted
21,600 yen
Certificate of Authorization for Employment 21,600 yen
Residence Card Application 16,200 yen (Tokyo & Kanagawa only)
Procedures for Requesting Special Permission to Stay in Japan 270,000 yen
Naturalization in Japan (Acquisition of Japanese Nationality) 270,000 yen
Notarization of Document in Japan (Notarization, Apostille, Authentication of
Official Seals by MOFA, Consul Authentication)
54,000 yen
Procedures for International Marriage and Divorce 108,000 yen
Other services Please ask for our estimate.
  • The above-mentioned fees are for standard cases. In each case, we will give you an estimate after receiving detailed information from the client at the first face-to-face meeting.
  • Consumption tax (8%) is included.
  • If the total fee is more than 100,000 yen, then 100,000 yen is required at the signing of the contract, and the remaining balance is paid upon on completion of the service.
  • Cost for any third parties should be paid by the client.
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